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CodeGrader in a Nutshell:

A plugin to ease the grading of student project submissions on the Marmoset Submit Server.


Your time is valuable to us. With automation, we save you the hassle of reading through code and let you make the important decisions.


With advanced code analysis, we aim to help you give high-quality detailed and constructive feedback to your students.


We believe grading should be as simple as it's always been. With one click, generate a grade and feedback report, and use it to auto-open, auto-fill, and auto-close forms in a separate grade server.


We're dedicated to continue improving the tool with your feedback. New features are always in development to make grading as easy as possible. Please submit bug reports and feature requests on GitHub.

Code Grader Core Developer Team

( + a Community of GitHub Contributors)


Gregory Kramida

Graduate Student

Greg attained his BA in Graphic Design and his BS and MS in Computer Science all at University of Maryland, and is now on his way to a PhD in Computer Science. He has extensive (all-stack) software engineering experience, many coding languages under his belt, and hands-on know-how in tech startups.


Matthew Simmons

Undergraduate Student

Matt is a Math & Computer Science undergraduate student at the University of Maryland. He is proficient in Backend and Frontend development. His other interests include Data Science, Graph Theory, and Machine Learning.


William Siew

Undergraduate Student

Will is graduating this summer with a BS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland. He is most proficient in Backend and DevOps development. His other interests include Business Analytics, Data Science, and Consulting.



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